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A Movement for Fasting Prayer, Evangelism & Social Works    "Prayer leads the World"


I, Pastor Shaik Madar is a resident of Phirangipuram, Guntur Dt., Andhra Pradesh, South India was born in Muslim community and called by Jesus Christ for the service of God in 1997. Right from 1995 I trust God the father and keep faith on him and used to be fasting 3-days a week not even time of thirsty and used spent my time in prayers. Hence God blessed me and baptized in 1997.

Fasting Prayer Ministry

There are about 10 prayer warriors in our Ministry. Prayer warriors pray as small group on different days. They pray for the church ministry and also for the prayer requests from other people. Also they fast and pray for the sick people and for the people under bondages.

Children Ministry

We started child ministry with a few children in our church. Now we conduct Sunday schools for the children in our church. By this we are able to tell about our Lord Jesus to the children of other faith also.

Conferences for Pastors

Conferences for Pastors and Church Leaders, Bible women and will be held every quarter during which we invite specially trained and experience people of Lord to encourage them to equip them for the Ministry.

Pastors Fellowship

The majority of Christians are very poor and eking their livelihood by doing hard labour, they could not even provide two square meals to their family members, they are half naked.